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There are a ton of different ways that you can generate free traffic. Some you may have heard of and some you may not. Either way we will be covering as many as I can think of here because I want to arm you the best I can for when you start your own affiliate marketing campaigns and business.

The biggest free traffic method that I know of has got to be SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Seo is not really difficult but can take you a few extra minutes when preparing your articles, reviews, posts or whatever else you call them. When you first get started out trying to optimize your posts this may seem like its a really hard thing to understand but in reality it is not difficult to understand at all. 

The basics of it look like this: You find a high traffic, low competition keyword and then you write an article around it.

What is a keyword? 

One of my mentor's Kyle who is a co owner of Wealthy Affiliate has this to say about the importance of understanding keywords and keyword research.

"A keyword is the most powerful thing an online marketer can understand as it is the premise of someone looking for help. If you can help someone, you can build a business doing so." 

Kyle - Co Owner of Wealthy Affiliate

I am going to be showing you how I perform keyword research using a tool that I have access to because I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I use this tool because it is very good at helping me to find new keyword phrases to use throughout my research phase for SEO. 

The Keyword Tool that I use at the moment is called Jaaxy. You can read my review about the tool here.  You can also check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here. If you've never heard of Wealthy Affiliate and your serious about internet marketing, you owe it to yourself to at least check out what they have to offer. 

Upon opening up our Jaaxy keyword tool we can run our first search term to find out more keywords on the topic of our choosing. For the sake of this demonstration I am going to be looking up something in the dog grooming niche just because this is a niche that I will not be going into and you are welcome to take any keywords that I find and run with them. 

Let's get started. This is what Jaaxy looks like inside Wealthy Affiliate. As you can see at the very top it says to "enter a keyword to search" so here I will type in the word "dog grooming" and we will then look at the results. 

wealthy affiliate jaxxy keyword tool

After our first initial search we can see that Jaaxy has brought up a bunch of keywords that might be a good fit. However, we need to check the QSR data first and see what the data reads. 

dog grooming keywords

As you can see there are several metrics that Jaaxy uses to determine if a keyword can be utilized as an asset in your business. 

Avg = The average number of searches per month that Google gets for that particular keyword.

Traffic = The specific amount of traffic expected to be received ranking for that keyword if you rank number 1 on page 1 in Google.

QSR =  Quoted Search Results = The number of competing websites ranked in Google for that exact keyword phrase.

KQI = Keyword Quality Indicator = This is a color coded indicator to let you know if this is a good keyword to use or not. Green being great, Yellow indicates normal, and Red indicates that this is not a good keyword to use.

SEO = A score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score the more likely it is that you will rank for that keyword on the first page of Google, Yahoo, or Bing. It runs on a scale from 0-100 (The higher the better)

Domains = This is the availability of the domain with the keyword right in the domain. This is useful for seo although it is debatable as to whether or not you even need to have the keyword in the domain anymore. I personally try to always get the main keyword in my domain somehow.  

After we hit the QSR button you can see all of the gathered results in one place very quickly. One of the benefits of having a keyword tool like this at your fingertips.

dog grooming after qsr

As you can see we now have quite a few stats that show us if we have any good starting words here that can be used. The next thing that I always do is double check each word by going to and typing in the keyword in question wrapped in quotes. Example "dog grooming brushes" , when I do that I can see that there are 83,500 websites that currently are targeting this keyword on their websites. 

dog grooming brushes

Any time that you use quotes with a keyword in Google, Google then shows you every single website on the internet (that Google finds) that is targeting that particular keyword on their website. This is a powerful, quick, and easy way to see how much competition you would have for any keyword on the web. 

While "dog grooming brushes" is a horrible keyword to use because there are far to many people targeting it, "dog grooming ellenbrook" only has 101 competing results! 

dog grooming ellenbrook

This means that based on the research that we are looking at we have just found a keyword that has 24 average searches per month with a chance to get 5 people to our site per month. If I were to write an article that utilized that particular keyword in it, it is highly likely that we would rank on the first page of Google for it.  

I found that information by looking at the Jaaxy search results and then double checking those results against an exact phrase match in Google using the quotes around my keyword.  

This is the basis for finding a keyword that will allow you to get to the front page of google and start getting some really good traffic to your website.

While I completely understand that only 5 customers per month may not sound like a lot, what you need to understand is that:

A: You got those customers completely free. 

B: Your going to do the same research over and over utilizing as many of these low competition, high traffic keywords as you can find. Which in turn builds your traffic up steadily over time. Eventually adding up to a substantial amount of traffic each and every month. 

So pretend for a moment that you found another keyword that only had a competition of 110 other websites on the web. This time the keyword gets an average of 500 searches per month with a chance to get 50 people to your website per month. 

Now you not only have 5 people per month coming from your first article, you also have another 50 people coming to your website each month from your second article.

This is a very powerful technique when you use it correctly. I hope that you can see that the more articles, reviews, or posts that you write utilizing these low competition, high traffic keywords, the more potential you have each month for more and more traffic coming to your websites.

Quality Content

I want to talk to you about the kind of content that you should be putting on your website. If you want to get ranked in Google and stay there, I suggest that you write your content with your viewers in mind. 

Along time ago you could get away with something called "keyword stuffing" which was basically where you would write an article targeting a keyword, but in that article you would put your keyword in the post a bunch of times. 

This was a terribly bad practice as you will see from my example. This is an example of a keyword stuffed post targeting the keyword "dog grooming brush":

The Best Dog Grooming Brush

Today I found the best dog grooming brush in the world. I know it's the best dog grooming brush in the world because I have used it myself and have compared it to all my other dog grooming brushes and this one is far superior to the other dog grooming brushes! 

As you can see this was a very bad practice both because it wasn't really valuable information but also because it just feels like it wasn't even meant for the reader to read. It almost feels like it was meant for a machine to read.  

As a direct result of millions of people and business's doing this all the time, Google wasn't able to be nearly as useful as it otherwise could have been. 

Google recognized this and started rolling out constant updates to their algorithms. Around ten years ago Google started rolling out updates like Panda, Penguin, and a bunch of other animals that literally shut down multi million dollar business's overnight because they were doing things in an unethical manner.

Google has now turned into a much smarter artificial intelligence that is able to basically read an article just like we humans do now. 

Thus enabling Google to actually tell if your posts and pages are providing real, engaging, thorough, and value packed information.  

This is something you do not want to do. You want to make sure that you are using very clear, concise, engaging, and honest content. 

Try to make it the best information that you can find on the internet. Take pride in what you are doing and do it to the best of your ability and you will never have to worry about Google taking down your websites or shutting down your business.

Spun Content and Article Spinners

There are certain types of software out there that you can use to take an article that you write one time, copy and paste that article into this software and add in different words that can be used in place or your original words in the original article. Once you added all of your words you could then tell this software how many different variations of this article you would like to have. 

Once you set this up you would then hit "Spin Content". The software would then "spin" your original article into a bunch of different variations that you could then use to post all over the internet. The reason I am telling you about this is because I don't want you to fall prey to the allure of this. 

Google doesn't really like spun content anymore. While there are still people out there doing this today, you should try to just create 100% original content and put it out there. If you don't have the time to put out a bunch of different and unique content each day consider hiring an article writer to write articles for you. 

You can get articles written for you for around $5 dollars per 500 words. If you want to know where you can have this done feel free to check out the Tools of the Trade page for the direct links to these sites. You can find all kinds of good resources on that page.

Forum Marketing

Although I'm not sure how many people still do this today, I am still going to explain this to you because it can still be quite effective today. As a marketer one of the first things you are going to be looking at is which niche or market that you want to get into. As I have told you before one of the best ways to do that is to search for "Niche + Forum" on Google or other search engines. 

In doing this you reveal some big players in their respective niches but you have also just found people to potentially market too. How this works is pretty simple really. Firstly your going to want to sign up to these forums. I recommend that you create a "Business E-mail" just for this purpose. Probably a Gmail account. Using your new gmail email you will sign up for a forum. You will then read all of the rules of engagement and make sure that this forum supports signatures on your posts. 

The signature that I am referring to is how you will leave your affiliate link at the end of your post. Once you have your account set up you want to look for a place in your account details that says "Signature". 

This is where you can use a CLOAKED affiliate link. If you don't remember how to cloak your affiliate links you can go back to module #8. Link Cloaking and Structuring to refresh your memory on the subject.

​ So from a birds eye view it looks like this.. You find a forum, sign up to that forum, once you have verified that they support signature posting, you set up your signature, you then start looking for people on that forum that could benefit from your product or service.

You will often times see people searching for exactly what you have to offer because you are looking in a forum of the niche that you are selling in. This of course works to your benefit and you will be taking the stance of the helpful human being.

You are merely going to be friendly in your post and answer a question that they have and in answering their question to the best of your ability you are earning some brownie points within the forum and when you hit post you will then be able to view your post.

Upon going back and looking at your post you will see that affixed to your post is also your signature that you have previously set up that has your cloaked affiliate link in it. At this time it's also a good idea to check the link your self and make sure it's going exactly where you want it to be going. 

Heaven forbid you actually get people clicking on your links and the links are incorrect because you didn't take the time to double check them.

Not only is this a complete waste of time for you, it's also a loss of revenue that would otherwise could be making you a fairly consistent income.

Once the person has seen your reply to their question, more often than not they will see that you have a link and click on it. From that point on if they make a purchase you make a sale. This is the basis of Forum Marketing. 


This is one of the very first free ways to market as an affiliate. There is a website called When you sign up for blogger and open your account you are then permitted to "blog" or write about every and any topic that you choose (As long as it's within the guidelines set forth by the administration of

This presents an opportunity to utilize the traffic that comes from's hard earned reputation. They are what is known as an "authority site" in the industry because they are so huge and have so many websites that link back to blogger. You can use this to your advantage in the same exact way as you would if you were using a blog that you owned. 

The main difference being is that your website might not have quite the re pore that does because of the a fore mentioned things. 

I'm not 100% if this still works but I wanted to make sure to include everything that has worked in the past just in case it still does by the time you read this. 

Facebook Page Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Pinterest Marketing, any other social app that you can name goes here as well.

Each of these social platforms have their own respective way of marketing and can take some time to master. This is something that kind of falls back to copywriting.

You have to consider who it is that you are marketing to, why each person would be interested in what you have to offer, and what the best way to put it in front of them is. 

With each of these social platforms you need to make sure that you operate within the guidelines set forth by each business platform. If you don't it's just going to reflect poorly on you. 

There are certain ways that you can market within each one of these. All of these are valid ways to get a lot of traffic. 

As of right now I do not have plans set on expanding this tutorial to delve into the mastery of each of the social platforms but we shall see.

Perhaps after all of the main initial information has been put together and performs well, then that might be something that I would consider adding in.

If you've gone through all of this information and you feel comfortable expanding your knowledge base on one or more of these social platforms,

I might suggest that you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate

That link will take you to a review that I have created especially for you. I tried to get really in depth with what they offer that is not listed in my course here. 

They do offer mastery training on each one of the social platforms. There of course is a fee for this, which is $49.99 per month.

I know that it seems like a lot, however, when you consider everything that they offer you for that amount I think you will come to realize that it's hands down a no brainer. I personally saw the value and signed up and haven't looked back ever since.

If you have anything else you would like me to add to this section of the course please let me know down below. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns as always leave them below.


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