copy writing

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of writing persuasively with the intent to get someone to perform an action. Whether that action is to buy something, opt in to your mailing list, or maybe even something as simple as getting them to click on something.

Dan Kennedy - One of the highest paid copywriters in the world says it's “Turning words into profits.” 

Listen to me very clearly right now. If there is ONE THING you take away from this entire website course when you leave, you want it to be THIS PAGE. 

If done correctly, the skill of copywriting can make you a lot more money than just your average marketer or content writer.

This tutorial is going to help you to understand how to make your words work harder for you. If you take your time, pay attention, and take action, copywriting can make you rich. If it's done poorly, you will make very little money, if you make any at all. 

Do not try to rush while learning this skill. This is something you really want to take some time to get to know intimately. The better you know it, the more money it will make you. 

The best copywriters in the world are the ones that are selling you without you even realizing you are being sold. They walk you by the hand, step by step, ever so gracefully until the point of completion. (Purchase or Opt-In) 

To become a master of the art of persuading your clients using the written word can take a long time and takes a great deal of patience and perseverance. (Much like everything else related to starting and maintaining your own business)

We will be going through the basics of what copywriting is and how you can get better at it because the truth of the matter is, there are weekend seminars and live training events held around the world that can cost up in the ten's of thousands of dollars to learn how to master the art of copywriting.

The goal of this tutorial is going to be to help you understand the basics of what copywriting is and how you can get better at it.

Let's get started. First we are going to look at the differences between a sales page, an ad, and a squeeze page. 

There are certain elements that are used to make up each one of these. The goal you are trying to achieve will determine whether you use a squeeze page, an ad, or a sales page. 

The goal of the ad is used to qualify your potential buyers and get them to click the advertisement. Which, in turn, sends them to (typically) your opt-in or squeeze page. However, you can obviously send them where ever else you want to.

The advertisement also known as a creative in this industry should consist of three elements. A headline that points to, a body of text that leads you to a call to action. 

The sales page can consist of all of these.

The ONLY goal of the opt-in / squeeze page is to capture the details (Name, E-mail address, Phone number ect ect..) of a potential buyer and then redirect that person to your sales page or where ever you choose.  

The goal of the sales page is used to do the selling for you. This is the page where you want your copy to shine and be spot on. You do not want a single detail out of place. Go through your sales page and read it out loud over and over until it makes perfect sense. Have your friends, family, even strangers read it and give you tips and pointers. Adjust the page accordingly until you get exactly what your prospects are looking for.

On each one of the above mentioned topics you are going to find certain elements. I want to go over the main elements first. This will give you a birds eye view so that you can see why they may or may not be used on a certain page.

The Main Elements​​​​​

The Headline - The headlines job is to catch the attention of the viewer and peak their interest long enough to get them to read the next few sentences.

The Body - This is the main portion of your content and needs to be enticing  enough to keep your reader entertained while also informing them about the product or service that you are offering them. 

Feature - A feature is a specification of an item. For example: I want to buy an electric impact wrench so I don't need to use an old fashioned four way to change a flat. A feature of this wrench would be The max torque is 190 ft-lb 

Benefit - A benefit is something used to describe how that item can be used to help you. Using the same example as above I looked up an electric wrench and this is how they described it: The Ergonomic Design: It's a Lightweight tool designed to fit the users' needs, It has a soft grip handle for added comfort and total control without heavy fatigue while using.

 They have shown the benefit of a comfy grip for added control which also allows for less fatigue while using it. They could have also added in a feature while using this sentence like this:

​​​The Ergonomic Design: It's a Lightweight tool designed to fit the users' needs, It has a soft grip handle for added comfort and total control without heavy fatigue while using this max torque 190 ft-lb powerhouse! 

You need to make sure that you understand the difference between a feature and a benefit because more often than not people will be far more interested in the benefits of an item than the features that it has. 

They want to know how an item can help them. Once you have shown them how the item can help them, then they might be interested in the features. 

There are also people who are looking for the exact specifications of things. This varies based on what type of things you are selling. In my opinion its best to be as accurate and detailed as you can while still keeping the reader enticed if you can. 

In the case of the electric impact wrench, it's nice to hear that the wrench will take all the heavy lifting off my hands and make my job way easier. However, I am also going to want to know what the max torque is because I need to make sure it has enough power to take the tires off of my truck.

That is a real world example of the difference and why you may want to use just one or the other or both. If your ever struggling to figure this out I suggest that you go and find a few sales pages of the same type of products or services that you are offering and take notes from them. (DO NOT OUT RIGHT COPY THEIR SALES PAGES) Use their style if it helps you. Just make sure that you are only using their sales page as inspiration for your own and not copying it. 

Not only does this reflect poorly on you because your stealing another persons work, it's also illegal because there are such laws as copyright infringement and you don't want to get caught up in all of that so just stick to your own work.

The Call To Action - The job of the call to action is to get your reader / potential buyer to perform an action of some kind. An example of this would be to get them to click on an image or a link on your page. Example: Buy Now!, Get My Free Copy Now! Things of that nature. I am sure you have seen a billion of these.

The Guarantee -  You have seen these countless times in your life. They are on almost every sales page that you see. The guarantee is another element of a sales page that is essential and helps your conversion rates.

Now that you know the main terminology for these elements we can continue on with the copywriting content.

Know Your Market

To understand how to write good copy one of the first “Keys” if you will, is to “know” who you are marketing to. Think about this for a second.

I find that the best way to know who you are marketing to is to try to think like them. In the case of a product where you are promoting a make money from home product, Maybe you can relate to the person on the other side of the screen because at some point in your life you were that person? 

If not, imagine for a few moments that you didn't have the money to cover your rent, you can't afford to pay for medical, car insurance? What's that? (Some of these are of course exaggerated but they illustrate my point rather clearly) You want to try and understand their mind set. The better you are at that the better you will be at knowing their pain points and passions. 

I know before I ever made my first dollar online I was the guy that was looking for the answer to my prayers. I was trying everything I could think of to try to learn how to make money from home. 

That is how I can relate so well with my audience. I have been where they are now and my mission is simply to help as many people as I can to understand that they don't need to work a standard 9 to 5 business anymore. 

I want to help any and every person on the face of the planet to understand that a standard "job" is fast "going the way of the dodo" as one of my mentor's would say.

This is pretty much what you want to do. Try to relate to your perspective customers the same way. 

Psychological Barriers

The reality of copywriting has a lot of psychological barriers behind it and you could study it for years. There are tons of different motivators in the world that can either be a deterrent to keep you away from something or a magnetic instrument vital in attracting you and bringing you closer to whatever it is that you are trying to sell.

(Think about stop signs and perfume or aftershave for example, one is a deterrent and reminds you to stop instinctually and the other attracts a male to a female or vise versa respectively.)

One such factor that most people don't really stop to think about is the colors that they are using on their website. 

What is color persuasion and how does it work?

It's a proven fact that certain colors can provoke certain reactions in people and animals alike. For example the Bull hates the color red. The bull hates red so much that when it sees red it attacks almost instantly. 

The same exact thing can be said of people with certain color reactions. I'm not going to get overly scientific here but if you really wanted to, you could spend a lot of time learning about the fundamental properties of what colors can urge a human to do.

If that is your fancy you can learn more about that topic by checking this out.

Although I wouldn't get to caught up in that I did want to mention it because it does play a role in your copywriting. 

Words and Tactics

Lets explore the different sales verbiage and tactics that you can use. 

There are certain words that you can use that kind of trick the psychological barriers of the brain. Lets go down through a short list of these and then we will delve more into depth with each one of these keywords and why they are so effective in assisting with sales.

  1. Urgency – Sign up now! Our program will close in 3 days!
  2. Scarcity – There are only 4 spots left! Get in now!
  3. Passion and/or Pain – Religion, Politics, Race, anything that people argue over.

We as human beings will panic if there is a shortage of something. A few years ago, there was a huge sale for a black Friday event close to where I live but, there were only so many of each item available. 

There were so many people at that location that when the doors finally opened people were rushing around trying to grab everything. 

They rushed around so quickly that a man actually fell to the floor and no one in the crowd even noticed and they just kept right on going and then trampled that man to death. I know this is a terrible way to illustrate my point but this makes the point all the more true.

If people think there is a shortage of something they are going to do everything in their power to make sure they get what ever it is. This is partially because then they have bragging rights over their friend, partially because they want to be the first to have the newest latest greatest things, and partially because they really do want to use whatever it is. 

So if you can use scarcity and urgency properly you can sell a lot and you can sell it fast.


When you use any of these tactics in your marketing I want to point out to you that it is far better to actually mean what you say when you use these tactics.

For example, when a visitor comes to your website and they see a banner that says “We are closing the doors to the program in 3 days.” You really want to close the doors to the program in 3 days.

This goes a long way towards building credibility and also, once your customers see that you are a person of your word, they will be far more inclined to take you up on your next offer because they will see that the offer will be pulled when you say it will.

False Scarcity

False scarcity is a really bad thing and will reflect poorly on your credibility very quickly in the modern world. It really doesn’t take much to figure out that your just using scarcity as a false scare tactic if they come back a day later and your banner still says the same exact thing and that just looks bad on you.

Passion and Pain points can be extremely powerful motivators when used properly. You see this a lot with comparisons of two things that are a lot a like. Take football for instance, People are extremely passionate about football.. "The Steelers are better!" "No! The Cowboys are better!"  

These of course are subjective and pertain only to your perception but people do like to argue over whose team is better and when they are arguing about something they aren't thinking about it, they are acting on it. 

That is your goal as an affiliate marketer. You don't want to make your audience think about the purchase. You want to get them to act on the purchase.  

There are also a few special words that draw attention almost immediately and they have a kind of super power over the subconscious mind of men and women.

These words are:

  1. New – Who doesn’t like new? 
  2. Free – Everyone loves free.
  3. Save – Everyone wants to save money. 

New holds a special power and because of that is rarely overlooked. Most people are eager to try out the latest new thing and as a direct result will usually purchase fairly quickly. This again falls to bragging rights more often than not.

Free is something that catches everyone's attention but you have to be careful about using this one because more often than not the perceived value of free is less than the perceived value of something that costs $100. As a direct result, using the word free can hurt your marketing just as much as it can help it. 

Free is used quite a bit and can be kind of an invisible word if used to much. Take care to use if wisely. Use it sparingly and you will be just fine. 

Save is another one that people like to do. If you can offer coupons that will allow a customer to save money you will find this will help with conversion rates. 

Save used in combination with scarcity or urgency can get you some quick conversions and that is definitely something you should think about doing.

"If you purchase in the next 90 minutes we'll knock $100 dollars off of your order!" In this case people can see a clear number that illustrates that they will save quite a bit of cash if they purchase quickly.

How To - Whatever you know and can teach someone

Also, lets not forget about the power of the "how to" approach. A lot of marketers use this approach. As a matter of fact you most likely found this course because of a "How To" approach. Learn “How To ” Make Money From Home. The power of How To is very strong indeed.

You can take any knowledge that you know and turn around and create a "how to" series of tutorials and then sell it. 

Risk Factor - Can they have their money back?

Another thing to think about is the risk factor. When people see a sales page that offers them a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee they are far more likely to buy from you because your a business person that stands behind your product and in their mind even if they don't like the product they can get their money back and all is right in the world. 

If they are satisfied with what you have sold them that's great! However, you should try to think strategically and understand that in your customers mind they are going to be thinking about things like “What if I don’t like it?” or “What if its just not for me?” or "What if the product is junk?" Can I have my money back?

If you can add a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee to your sales page you will have drastically better results than any sales page that does not have a guarantee.

By ensuring the potential buyer that there is a 100% NO QUESTIONS ASKED 90  DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE you are removing the risk from the buyers mind. This helps to improve the amount of purchases that you will get. (You'll find that 90 days is pretty common but you can make this whatever you want if it's your product)


I don't know how many times in my life I have purchased something from someone who said it came with a warranty but then later I would come to find out that the company was not very forthcoming with the actual return of my money in the event I wanted a refund. Some even going so far as to make me jump through a bunch of hoops just so that the company could say I didn't comply with their warranty contractual obligations.  This is a disgraceful act and I implore you not to ever be this kind of person or run this type of an establishment. 

Just give the person their money back. (This of course only applies to your if you own your own product.) Product Creation is a bit outside the scope of this tutorial but I mention this just in case you decide to dabble in this.

While product creation can be lucrative, you want to make sure you do it the right way. ​​

Data Collection - Personal Information

In terms of data collection you will always want to make sure that you add a little side note under your squeeze page fields so that your customers can see it. Something that states that your customers information is private, secure, and you will not share their details with anyone else (Unless you specifically state otherwise). This also eases their mind and helps them to see the kind of person or business entity that they are purchasing from. This actually helps a little bit with conversions too. 

People do not want to be spammed to and by telling them you won't your just that much better off. This helps to separate you from a company willing to sacrifice their customers e-mail. (Keep in mind that spamming is ILLEGAL and if you are caught is punishable by a hefty sum of money and in some cases other legal actions can be pursued.)


Believe it or not this is a huge factor for a sales page. Adding testimonials from real people that you have helped not only shows that your product works but also that you are who you say you are. This can be a very powerful thing and I recommend that you use testimonials on your sales pages. 

Another Word of Caution:

When using testimonials, you want to use real people, real testimonials. Do not pay people to say nice things about you or your website. If your product or service is truly a good service (which it should be because we only promote things that we will stand behind) then people will have no problem at all leaving you a nice testimonial. 


Things that you can do to show that you are who you say you are include: testimonials, recording videos of yourself in a real and genuine way, applying for a membership to the Better Business Bureau so that you can use the BBB logo on your website.  

Open a business account with Paypal so that you can use their logo on your website.

Even something as simple as adding credit card logos such as MasterCard and Visa add quite a bit of credibility.

There are all kinds of other things that you can do to help you improve your credibility but those are the ones that come to mind off the top of my head. 

Try to think of things that you would look for to see if a product really is what it says it is. Then use those things on your website / sales page.

Always make sure that you have a clear terms of service page and a about us page on your website and make sure that you take some real time to fill these out properly. Imagine that you are your own client. 

I don't know about you but I check everything. If I have even a slight notion that something is off I'm out of there. I know there are a million other places that I can shop at.

Your customers will be this exact same way. Be prepared. Offer as many variations of credibility as you can.


How many times have you seen Sony and Xbox have games EXCLUSIVELY for their consoles? Why? They want to attract as many people as they can to their distinct platform and because of that they offer games that are exclusive to ONLY their respective platforms. You want to make sure that you also offer an exclusive offer. 

I am personally guilty of buying an Xbox just to play Halo when it first launched years ago. I felt like I was part of an exclusive club. 

You want to make your clients feel like that if you can. Make them feel special. The more special that you can make them feel the more of a die hard fan and customer you will have for years to come. Exclusivity is a huge part of that.

Always try to look at your competition and see what they are offering and then try to add in some additional exclusivity if you can. Example: "If you shop with me you get this exclusive extra training course that you can ONLY  get through my link" ect.. ect..


This may often times be confused with exclusivity but I can assure you they are two separate things entirely. While you might be an exclusive member to a night club that allows you back door VIP access because you paid a yearly fee of $500 dollars, On the other hand the club owner telling you if you spend $50.00 a night you get free drinks the rest of the night would be a bonus. 

if you see a weakness in a product it's always a good idea to look for or create a product that you can give away with that product to enhance the functionality of the initial product. 

I'm going to show my age a little bit here. Do you remember the Crackerjacks box that always had the prize in it? That prize was a BONUS. You always got the little surprise tattoo's and stickers for purchasing. I remember as a kid I would always ask my mom and my grandma to buy those for me. Not just because I loved the crackerjack caramel popcorn, but also because I wanted to make sure I got the bonus tattoo or sticker too!

The Gary Halbert Letters

If you have never heard of the Gary Halbert letters I am going to have you go and check out this website. Trust me when I tell you, if you want to master copy writing your going to want to check it out.

As a child, my father taught me that we need to know our own limitations and then work on them to the best of our ability. Well, as you might have figured out, copy writing is a limitation of mine.

Although, I try my best I'm definitely not Gary Halbert or Dan Kennedy.

I realized this early on and started looking for ways to learn better copy writing skills. What I ended up finding was Dan Kennedy and The Gary Halbert Letter's.

I am going to give you links to both of them. If you so desire, you can learn everything you need to know about copy writing between these two sites.

Gary Halbert Letter - You can find it by clicking here

The Gary Halbert Website - There is a ton of copywriting knowledge to be learned from this website. I cannot stress enough for you to go there and study all of the letters that Gary has written over the years. You can find the main website by clicking here.

I can also recommend a man by the name of Dan Kennedy. I believe that he was and maybe still is the highest paid copywriter in the world. I don't have a direct access website for you to check out but I would google his name and try to find some of his courses on copywriting. 

Here are a couple of videos created by another great salesman, Dan Lok, on the subject of copywriting. I sometimes find some of Dan's information really helpful when I get stuck. I warn you though, Dan sometimes uses colorful language while he is teaching. 

I personally don't mind this but some people are put off by it. Anyhow these are also worth a look.

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7 Copywriting Exercises You Can Do Right Now

27 Words To Avoid In Sales

Please remember that this is a very basic and rudimentary course on copywriting. There is so much that you can learn and implement regarding copywriting. I just wanted to give you a basic understanding. I hope that this information has helped you. 

Please leave a comment and let me know if you have any questions or if you have anything that you would like to add.

I hope you find all the success you could ever want.

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