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MY STORY: What started me on my affiliate marketing journey?

Who am I you might ask? I am the knightly marketer. My name is Joshua Horton. I’ve been learning about affiliate marketing for over ten years now.

If you a marketer or maybe an aspiring marketer like me then I give you props because it’s a LOT of work! I was naive when I first started looking into making money from home. No doubt due to the countless barrage of “Guru’s” telling me “it’s as simple as pushing a button.” Yeah… Not in my experience.

I would like to explain what brought me to affiliate marketing in the first place. When I was a young man (18ish) I'd just been freshly married and we were pregnant with my first child. As a result of these things I was very much so trying to be a good man, husband, father. So I started working for a drilling rig that drilled for natural gas. At the time I thought I lucked into this job because I was making roughly $20.00 per hour plus per diem. That to me at the time was a lot of money!

However, What I failed to realize at the time is that the work that is done out in those fields is grueling and extremely heavy lifting and intense work. Picture this, I am 5’9 and at the time I weighed about 120 lbs soaking wet, a skinny young man. I was physically fit though because I was a martial artist from the time I was about 6 and on. That did help but with strength and conditioning but not enough.

I don’t know how much you know about working on a rig but it is HARD PHYSICAL LABOR. Heavy lifting, fast paced, move or die type of situations. It's no joke when you out there! I can't stress that enough. I worked in the field for just short of a year before I got hurt really bad. I won't bore you with the details but suffice it to say that getting injured led me to affiliate marketing.

Getting hurt out there led to me being physically handicapped and having a hard time walking. I'd to go through physical therapy, traction therapy, needles in my spine (injections), all kinds of unpleasant things.

During all the Dr. appointments and things for the first year or so of my life I was just sad and miserable. I'd applied for disability and got it shortly thereafter. Which was a godsend because I couldn't work a physical job but at the same time the amount of money that you get on disability is just barely enough to survive on.

It was enough money to survive on but not enough to "Live" on. That means that we had enough to cover our bills but that was basically it. We didn't have money for diapers or school pictures or gas for the car. (We had to get a loan from my wife's mother just to get a car)

Can you relate to any of this? I hope that whatever it was that brought you to this website wasn't anything like what brought me to learn about affiliate marketing. I was so depressed, stressed to the max, tons of sleepless nights lying awake in bed dreading how I was going to pay my bills and take care of my family. (At the time I only had one child) but I still had to find a way to make ends meet.

After countless nights of googling things like “how to make money from home” and “how can I make money from home” I found a website that had an opt in box that had a red Ferrari with some tropical trees in the back ground and the opt in box said something to the effect of "How would you like to make money from home while your sleeping" or something like that.

Of course, I was skeptical but I thought what the hell, I signed up and you'll never guess what happened. I found out that it was basically a pyramid scheme of some sort but at the time I signed up I didn’t realize it. I was young and It seemed legitimate enough when I was looking over the website. I'd not yet learned all the tell-tale signs of a scam or a fraudulent website yet.

I'm not going to go into all the details but the main part of the story here is that before their website was shut down for illegal activity I made a $20 dollar commission and I wasn't even at my computer when it happened!

This was my realization moment. Everything about the way I thought about making money changed in that moment. When I realized that making money from home was a real possibility. I remember that evening so vividly. I was so excited because I thought for sure I would be rich soon. Heh Of course that didn't turn out to be the case because as I said the website was shut down but they actually did send me that $20 dollars! I have held on to that feeling and it has been my driving force ever since then. 

WHY I WANT TO HELP YOU: The person on the other side of the screen.

As I stated earlier, I have been where you most likely are now and I want to help you because I know what it feels like to worry about where you going to get the money for your kids to have new cloths for school or to fix your car or whatever it may be. I get it and I want to help.


The goal of this website is simple. I just want you to have a place where all the knowledge you need to learn how to make money from home is in one place so that you don't have to spend years trying to piece it all together like I did. I do want you to understand something though, I want you to understand that this is a process and you are NOT going to make money overnight.

This is where I think most people are misled into believe they are going to be a millionaire in a months time. I hope you understand the reality of that happening is just slim to none. There might be one person in a million that can actually get lucky enough to make that happen. I'm talking all the stars in the galaxy would have to align just right for something like that to happen. For the rest of us its just plain out patience, study, learn, implement what you learn, track your progress, scale it up and then do it all again.

Now the way I see it, even the best marketers out there started in the same exact spot as me. So after a lot of trial and error with a ton of various make money from home products and a ton of sleepless nights I have come to a conclusion. I figure I can’t be the only aspiring marketer on the planet. So I’m building this website for all the like minded entrepreneurs out there.

I’m going to start throwing up video’s and pictures of everything I have learned over the course of 10 years and everything that I continue to learn along the way. I want to make this a step by step training program that can take you from a complete noob to making your first sales online and then scaling them up.

I really want this to be the place that I didn’t have to learn from when I was first getting started. When I first started I didn’t know what I was doing or how I was going to do it.

All I knew then was that I wanted to make money from home. So with that one goal in mind I set out to conquer what seemed at the time, the unconquerable.

From here on in I will be stripping all filler and fluff. I will try to make everything I share with you as straight forward and understandable as possible. I do want to take a moment here to say internet marketing is not hard if you are willing to take the time to hone you craft. You really need to give yourself time. Time to understand all the processes. There is a lot to learn behind the scenes and it will frustrate you from time to time.

In these times when you feel like quitting or giving up I want you to stop working and go for a walk or go work on a car or play a video game. Whatever it is that will make you happy and take you mind off of the “business” for just a little while.

The key to marketing in the beginning is simple. Don’t set you goals at a level that just isn't plausible. Goals are a good thing but in this humble marketers' opinion I don’t think you should be trying to hit a million dollar goal if you haven’t even made your first dollar online yet.

You want to make sure that you set realistic goals for yourself. Be patient with yourself. Realize right now, this is not going to happen overnight! It's going to take time, patience, money, and massive effort on you part.

If you are not willing to do all these things then you might as well just stop here and save yourself the trouble. Keep looking for that ever elusive "Magic Money Making Button" let me know if you ever find it..Heh

If on the other hand your really ready though, and you know you have the drive and determination to do this. Keep going and don't stop! No matter what anyone tells you. You can do this. Believe in yourself and you can do anything.

Welcome to the journey!

I hope you reach a height that others can only dream of!

I’ll be posting new information as often as time permits. Please stop back and check out the latest anytime you get a chance. 

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or question below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

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