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How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

So your looking to get started in the affiliate marketing space and make an online presence for yourself but you don't even know where to begin. Chances are if your reading this its because you have searched the keyword phrase "how to start an affiliate marketing business" or some variation of that phrase into Google and that led you here. 

I am really glad that it did and you should be to because I am going to take some time to explain to you what an affiliate marketing business is and what it could mean for you if you really want it. I would also like to discuss why affiliate marketing may not be for everyone. So to get started "What is affiliate marketing anyways"? 

Simply put, affiliate marketing is when you become affiliated with a business or product and you become a "spokesperson" for them / it. The dictionary definition is "a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals." So as an example say I am affiliated with a company. As a result of my affiliation with that company, any time that I send a referral to them and that referral signs up to a paid membership status I make a small commission.

 This is the basis for affiliate marketing.

 But "how do I get started with affiliate marketing"? Well, it's quite simple. You can sell ANYTHING you want. I mean it. ANYTHING. The things is though, first and foremost you need to ask yourself what kind of people do you want to serve?

I know for some of you reading this your thinking "Serve?, I don't want to serve anyone". Everyone serves someone and an affiliate marketer serves the market place they are in. Essentially as an affiliate marketer you are a problem solver. It is your job to find a problem and fix it. Take golfers for instance. Maybe your into golfing as a hobby so you know a little bit about golf. You would know that your friend Tommy would be able to drive the ball way further if he had a TaylorMade M6 Driver (460cc). 

So the problem in this scenario is that your friend can't drive the ball as far as he could if he had the correct driver. So it is your job to find him the best damn driver in the business and sell it to him. The trick to making money in this process is to first contact the person that makes that driver and arrange a deal with them. Tell them that you have a friend that is highly interested in one of those drivers and you would be glad to make the connection so that the company can make some money but you would like a commission for the introduction. 

Believe it or not this is a real world example of how affiliate marketing works. 

The first thing I would do if I wanted to sell withing the golf niche would be to go to Google and type "Golf Affiliate Programs" and see what pops up. As you can see there are ten affiliate programs related to golf without trying.

This is what pops up when I search "Golf Affiliate Programs"  term in Google.

This was the first real result after the ads that were displaying. As you can see there are ten different golf affiliate programs right there and I didn't even make it half way down the page.

Now I don't know the first thing about golf but I do know there is obviously money to be made in this niche. So now that we know that whats the next step?

 Our next step would be to see what kind of products we can find to sell and make a commission on. 

Golf Affiliate Programs List

The easiest way I know of to find a tangible product to promote is actually to go straight to You can open an affiliate account with amazon so that you can sell anything that is offered on amazon and make a commission. Thats just one way to find products and affiliate programs off the top of my head. 

Here is another friendly tip for you as well, if you search something in Google and you see ads displayed on the page chances are its a profitable niche. Realize that if you see an ad on any Google page its because there is someone paying real money to run that ad on that page, and why would someone pay to run an ad on that page? Simple, they are more than likely making money from it. In fact, it could be you running the ad! 

Okay, so you have narrowed down what you want to sell to Golf Drivers. Whats the next step? I would then start performing "Key word research" which is basically taking a search term and finding out how many searches per month that given search term gets in Google. We can find out how many searches a specific keyword gets by using Google's own keyword tool Which can be found by going to Google and typing in "Google Keyword Tool"

You want to create an account so that you can start doing your research. Once you have created a new account then you will able to type keyword search terms such as "The Best Golf Drivers" This is what is called a keyword. Any keyword is just a search phrase so anytime we are talking about a keyword that is all we are talking about. Once you search your keyword term Google will query it's database and show you all the traffic / people searching for that search phrase / keyword in a given month. Lets see what that looks like.

keyword research

What you are looking for essentially is a high traffic, low competition, key word. You are looking for this kind of keyword in particular because once you find one like that your next step is going to be to see if you can find a .com or .net domain name that has a variation of  that keyword in it. As you can see from the image above Google gives you a bunch of metrics that you can use to break down search terms. For what I am showing you here you just want to know the search volume and the ("Comp" etition). Although, all of the metrics in that picture are useful to know depending on what kind of business  strategy you are going to be using. So lets just pretend that you got lucky enough to find a keyword that was high traffic, low competition. Your next step would be to go to or what ever hosting service provider that you prefer and buy yourself a new domain name. Preferably something with the word golf in it. 

Maybe something like or something like that. Not my area of expertise. Again just a hypothetical. 

The next step would be to buy that domain and get a wordpress website set up. Then you can start adding content onto your wordpress website and doing reviews of golf products of all kinds. Then, when you get your content set up and you have applied to a couple golf affiliate programs, you can start to link to your affiliate products from your website. 

Once you have all of your content set up and ready for visitors then its time to start telling the world about your website. This is the traffic driving process and that will be covered in another tutorial at a later time. I hope you have enjoyed this brief overview of how to start an affiliate marketing business.

 If you don't know how to do any of this, or maybe your familiar with some of this but your not 100% sure and would like to know everything you need to know about how to go about starting an affiliate marketing business online for free you can get free training at  Wealthy Affiliate. I recommend them because their training truly is second to none and they offer all the business tools and training you need to get started with affiliate marketing today. I hope that this article helps you and that you enjoyed it. 

Wishing you success in all you do,


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