Okay so one of the things you need to remember is that as an affiliate marketer, you are a problem solver and as a problem solver you are trying to find or create a product that will not only fulfill the problem at hand but do it in such a way that you are trying to do it better than anyone else has so far.

What is a good way to find out people’s problems you ask? Well, forum stalking believe it or not, isn’t a bad way to start. Just sign up to some forums on the product topic or niche that interests you and browse through the topics and the conversations that take place on them. You’d be surprised how many people will gladly tell you exactly what their current problem is and what they feel they are in need of to fix their issue. Your overall goal during this should be to understand what people are talking about, how they describe their problems and what you can do to help them with it.

Facebook groups and discussions are also good ways to discover issues or voids in the market place. Really any of these are good ways to start your market research.

If your still stumped after those methods are exhausted you can always use Google Forms and set up a marketing survey for free. You basically just set up a questionnaire form on google forms and then share it with your friends on Facebook or even buy some traffic and send them to your form just to get some data to analyze and then look for a product by going to google and typing in : “Blank Affiliate Program” and of course you just fill in the blank with the problem name and hit enter. That right there is a sure fire way to find a hungry market and also find a product to promote to them.

With all that said, picking your product can be a very arduous task if you let it. I have said this before and I will say it again. Pick a product that you truly believe in. Something that you can feel good about promoting. Remember this is your name and reputation on the line.

Most marketers start out promoting click bank products for a few reasons. The first reason is because the cost of replication for a pdf is far less than the reproduction cost of say a tv or anything else tangible you can think of.

The other reason is because the commissions on a digital product are far higher because there is less overhead on the item being sold. As a direct result the company selling the digital product can afford to pay you up to 75% commissions and still make a decent profit. I’ll grab two different types of products and put a link to them here so you can see the difference.

The above image is a Digital Product. You earn $29.05 per sale of this product. If you follow the affiliate page it leads you to this.​​

Here you can see they are willing to give you 75% – 100% commission levels. They can afford to do this because there will be up sells after the initial sale. Anyhow we will discuss up sells later on. For now I merely want you to see the difference between a digital product which is above and a tangible product like you will see below.

You can find tangible products to promote from almost any large store. So this is a look at the average commission you can receive for selling basically anything you can hold such as flash lights, coffee pots, the sky is the limit really. This is what they pay out on average per sale.​​​​

Amazon Affiliate Commission

As you can see the commission rates are between 3% and 10% which is way lower. This is because of the overhead cost to create each product and ship it out. So as you can see digital is much more profitable and believe it or not it sells really well. Informational products are highly sought after in the industry in todays day and age.

I suggest you check out clickbank.com as your first getting started. As you progress and start making money you may want to get into other ways of making money online such as drop shipping or other venues but for now take it one step at a time.

There are a couple tools that you will need to get that will make your life so much easier while researching products to promote.
You are going to want to download and install Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool into your browser. This lets you see the amount of searches a search term or “keyword” has been searched for in a given month. This is like the old google keyword research tool if you have ever heard of that. It’s just a much easier way to see how many searches your terms are getting each month.

The second tool you will want to grab is vidIQ Vision for YouTube. This tool gives you loads of information on youtube videos that can help you when you are trying to rank a video. It’s a way to spy on your competitors keyword targeting for their videos and will give you an idea of what keywords you should also be targeting. There is a ton of useful information with this tool also.

Both of these tools are free and easy to use so there is no excuse for not using them. I will show you an example of both in pictures below so you can see for yourself.​​​​​​​

Keyword Tool Demo

This is the information that you can see with vid iq. This is also a very valuable tool to have when you factor in that its free.

You can use these two tools to perform a pretty thorough market search for whatever your niche is. As you can see Vid IQ has a lot of information to offer you for free as well. You can also opt for more information by sharing it on Facebook but honestly the base information is plenty. Now you can go to Clickbank and look through the products and type the names into a google search bar and immediately see if people are already searching for this product name. Or maybe you just want to know how much a generic search term like “diet and exercise” is getting so you can get a feel for the size of the niche your going after. No problem. Just type it into google and there is the information you need to know.

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