Remember when I told you earlier that you were going to need the email that your hosting company provided you? Well, this is the time. Your are going to need the information from that email to log into your C-Panel.

Control Panel is what it stands for and I am sure that goes without saying but if I don’t add it in here I’m sure there will be one person who wants to know what it stands for. There you go.

Now, each hosting company is different. I use Host Gator and therefore the examples that I will be showing are from a Host Gator account. If you chose a different hosting provider it should not be THAT much different. You will still be looking for these basic same things.

Step #1. Find your hosting User Interface by looking in the email that you received from your hosting provider. It should look something like this.

Account Info

Your going to click on the link that says “Your control panel”. Once you arrive at the log in screen you will then use the user name and password that were given to you from the same email. Once you add your user name and password you will be taken to a page that looks like this.

Of course you can see by the red marker that I want you to click on the C-Panel option. This is going to take you to your actual C-Panel. When you get to it your going to click Build a WordPress Website just like the nice red ink in the image below suggests.

The next step is to designate where you want the WordPress installation to be ( In other words “Put it where you want it” ). I personally just use my main directory because I only use my URL for my blog. Remember where you select it to go because this will be crucial later on when you are trying to set up your FTP account so that you can manage your directories.

As you can see from the image below, by guiding you through this process you are saving yourself quite a little bit of coin. If at any time throughout this tutorial you would rather pay your hosting company to do this step for you be my guest and skip on to the next step. If not continue on.

Next you need to decide what your account information is going to be. You want to make sure you select some good information. Do Not use Admin! This is one of the most common mistakes you can make when you are first starting out. That just makes hacking your website real easy.

Once you have decided on your account information hit Install. Once the installation is complete you can log into your dashboard. It will give you the URL you need that will take you straight to your log in page. Use the login details you just set up in the previous step and log in to your new dashboard. It should look like this or similar. Again depending on your hosting company.

Once you sign in using your information you will be taken to your WordPress dashboard. It looks like this:

That concludes the installation of your WordPress website. From here I will tell you there is a learning curve to using WordPress. However, it is not a very long one and once you get the hang of it you will just bang out websites like there is no tomorrow.

Next up we will talk about getting our site “prepped for use”. Initially when you install WordPress it is installed with a bunch of plugins and some generic posts and pages. We will be removing the majority of those pages, plug ins and posts. We are then going to do some other things that will help your site to get indexed in the search engines much faster. Lets start a new page for this next tutorial so as not to bog down one page with to much information.

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