Suggestions for Niche Ricon Work

Suggestions for Niche Recon Work

#1. Choose a Niche

#2. Find The Big Player In The Niche

#3. Opt – In To Their List

#4. Read Everything They Have, Read Their Opt-in e-mails. See how they interact with their list and use that to your advantage. See what they are doing that resonates with you and use that tactic. See what does not resonate with you and make sure you don’t do that. This is the step that will help you to see the mistakes that they are making and it points out for you how to correct it and do it better than them. This is how you will stand out above the rest.

#5. Consider Buying From Them – See their entire sales process. See what you like and what you don’t like. Make the appropriate changes so that you are doing everything the way you feel it should be. After you have done all of this then it’s time to create a small market test.

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