The first piece of the puzzle we are going to discuss is something called website hosting. A website hosting service basically has a Server (A Computer/Place where your information and websites are stored. This can also be refereed to as “The Cloud”) and you pay them for the ability to keep your website up and running on the internet 24/7. This is the first essential piece of the puzzle as an internet marketer.

There are  a million different hosting companies out there.  I wish I could tell you that they are all created equal. Unfortunately they do not all support the same features and functionality. I cannot attest to every hosting company out there because lets face it there are quite a few. I would Google Hosting and do some research and price checking for yourself and try and find the best deal for yourself. The website you are currently reading this on is hosted through Host Gator. I actually do not have any complaints about them and would give you an honest recommendation. I’ll throw a picture of their current plan choices below.

​​​​​​​Next we will be talking about an autoresponder. It is essentially exactly what it says in the name. It is a piece of software that automatically responds and sends out pre made emails on your behalf (Emphasis on the pre made because you will be writing these emails yourself but we will discuss this further on in the course.) This is also essential for your business because it is what helps to automate the process of sending out emails on your behalf day after day. You will basically use this software to create a mailing list (A list with generally just names and email addresses that you collect) and then send your list emails (The ones you will pre make) to get your list familiar with you and your product or products.

The same thing applies to this as to hosting. There are a variety of different autoresponder companies out there and most of them do the same thing. Some offer more advanced features than others. For the duration of this tutorial I will be showing you shots from a Get Response account. I do not have one in particular that I prefer over the other but for the sake of pricing we will use Get Response because you get the most amount of subscribers for the least amount of money and they also offer a lot of training on various topics so if you don’t know how to do something or if you get stuck the training i always there as a back up. If that fails they also have a really great support system in place to handle anything that the training and tutorials do not.

As you can see they offer different plans so that no matter what stage of your marketing career you are in they have the solution that will accommodate your needs no matter what stage of the game your in. For the purposes of this tutorial though we will be assuming that you are brand new to marketing and therefore should start out with the basic package. No need to pay more until you absolutely need it. Next on our list is funnel software.

Funnel Software

A sales funnel is the sales process in which you send your traffic through to add them to your list and then try to get them to make one or more purchases from you all within the same transaction. This is also an essential piece of the puzzle because again we are trying to automate and make our lives as entrepreneurs as easy and stress free as possible. The only problem is that this software is not cheap and there are only a handful of these on the market that I am currently aware of. The first one and most likely the best one out there is Clickfunnels. Let us look at their pricing chart. I apologize for the quality of this image. Hopefully you can see that their cheapest solution is offered at $97.00 a month! When your first starting out that can be a lot of money. This is not something you NEED when you are first starting out but if you can afford it in the beginning I highly recommend that you take a look at it and see what it can do for you. It really is an unbelievable piece of software. If you click on the image below you can sign up free for your first fourteen days just to see if you think its worth it but I am telling you, you are going to want this in your business.

So let us do a little math here. Lets say that we went with Host Gator with the baby plan as our hosting company and Get Response for the autoresponder with their smallest plan and ClickFunnels as our funnel software. This would bring our First initial cost to $129.95!

Hosting – $3.95 for the first year.

Domain Name – $14.00 per year (On Average) Some are more and some are less.

Auto Responder – $15.00 (for the first 1,000 subscribers)

Funnel Software – $97.00 per month

Total Cost For The First Month – $129.95! (For the first month)

Total monthly cost thereafter – $112.00 per month!

I don’t know how much you know about a brick and mortar business but let me tell you it takes a lot more  start up cash than that to start one up. While this may seem impossible and out of reach for you right now then I would say forget about the funnel software when you are first starting out. Then your down to just hosting, domain cost for a year, and an auto responder. That puts you at $32.95 per month to get started. In all honesty if you cannot afford this much money each month to get yourself started than I am going to stop you right here and tell you to check out some other ways to make some quick cash online utilizing your skills online using a website called It has also recently come to my attention that now Get Response is offering their own funnel software. I have not used it yet so I am not sure how good it is but you can bet I will be trying it soon and I will let you know what I think of it soon. Anyhow, back to Fiverr.


Fiverr is a place where you can go on the web to have all kinds of different kinds of things made and done for you. You can also use this to your advantage if you can and personal skills like video editing or logo designs or maybe your an excellent article writer. You can actually put your skills to work for you and offer your services to make some quick cash to make your $33.00 that you need for your business each month. Even if your not great at writing articles, Seriously how hard would it be for you to research a little bit about a topic and then write a two or three paragraph article on it and post it? You even have access to spell check at the click of a button. Do this until you have enough money to pay for your hosting and autoresponder if that is what it takes. Next we will be discussing.

Website Builder Software 

You are also going to have to learn how to use a site builder of some sort.  There are all kinds of ways to build websites.  A learning curve is to be expected no matter what you choose to go with. You are going to have to learn to use some sort of software or learn how to code writing php and or html which is very time consuming just trust me on this one.

I have been doing the WordPress thing for years. It does work and the learning curve is not really that bad at all. The amount of plugins for WordPress is just staggering. I can confidently tell you that if you have an issue with anything related to WordPress.. “There’s an app (Plugin) for that.” 

When you purchase your domain name through whichever hosting provider you decide is right for you, you will be taken to a control panel also known as a “C-Panel” and from here you have tons of choices and options at your finger tips. I will discuss later in this course more in depth how to install wordpress and get your website up and running quickly. If you want to skip ahead and Setup Your WordPress Website click the link. The purpose of this page is more of an explanatory overview page teaching the basics of what you will need, how you can get them, and what each and every one of them are. Next up..

This is a bit more technical but nothing to be scared of. When you use a WordPress website you will more than likely want to use something called a FTP client or File Transfer Protocol software. Once you get the hang of how this works its quite simple really. Most people use Filezilla, I think it’s just the most popular one honestly. There are a bunch of different FTP software’s out there that can be used for this but I personally use Filezilla for all my FTP needs. I will show you how to go about setting this up on another page of this website because we will also be discussing link building and link cloaking.  If you want to be a really good affiliate marketer trust me when I tell you, your going to want to know how to cloak your links and understand how link structure works. If you want to download Filezilla you can do so now by downloading it straight from the source by clicking on the picture below.

Tracking Software

Tracking software is used to track where your traffic is coming from and is an essential part of your business as well. This is why I said we will be discussing link building and cloaking on a later page of this website. The reason this software is so essential is, lets say you have 10 different streams of traffic coming in from 10 different places (Youtube, Google Search Engines, Maybe even your friends website) how do you know which website is providing what traffic? Lets say your getting more sales from a Udimi ad (Discussed on this page) than you are a Facebook ad. If your not tracking the exact URL’s then you have no way to know where what traffic comes from and this is not a good thing.

On the other hand if you do use tracking then you would be able to look and see that your Udimi ad has brought you in way more sales and now you know that you need to either change up your Facebook ad or perhaps remove it altogether. For this I suggest a software called Click Magic. You can track your links manually but again this is one of the things that make stress management more bearable when you have the weight of a business looming over you. This is why we try and automate as much of this process as we possibly can. When I say “Track manually” what I mean is that we can create our links ourselves. This is why I said earlier we will be discussing link building and cloaking on another page in this tutorial.

These are the essential pieces of software that I feel are a daily requirement for you to properly run your business by yourself day in and day out. Onto the next page. Keep going your doing great!

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