We will be discussing Get Response as our Auto Responder for this tutorial. First you will want to navigate yourself to their website which can be located by clicking here or by clicking on this link: https://www.getresponse.com

When you arrive depending on how long it has been since this tutorial was wrote you should see something very similar to the image below.

Get Response Main Page

At the time of this writing this is the current Get Response home page. Right now they are running a special offer. You can sign up free for thirty days. No credit card required. As per the fact that this is a tutorial to teach you how to make money from home for the least amount of money out of pocket I am going to take you through the process of signing up for the free account.

So the first objective here is to click on the “Sign Up Free” little blue button at the top right hand side of the web page.

From there you are going to see this page next:

Get Response Free Sign Up

Here you need to input some login details. Again I emphasize that you want to select a very obscure password and user name. It is far better to have a password that is like a full sentence or even the lyrics to a song. Something like “I spent The summer In Sweden in 2016” *Example* Your username should be anything but Admin. That is a very sloppy username and would require little effort for any would be hacker to break into your account. Try to make the log in information “Security Strong”.

Next you will be sent an activation email to the email address that you used to sign up. Navigate to that email and click on the link to verify that it is indeed you that has created the account. Once you have verified your credentials you will be taken to your home page. As of the time of this writing it looks like this:

Get Response Main Account Page

From here you can control all your features and functionality. As you can see the layout is pretty straight forward and easy to navigate. Your going to want to take some time to get yourself familiar with this tool and all it has to offer. Get Response has now added a new feature called Autofunnel. This feature comes with the $50.00 a month plan and is totally worth every penny but, it is also included in your first free month. To set up your first auto funnel you are going to click on the menu button from your main account page. When the menu drops down you will see Autofunnel as one of the options. Click on it and you will be taken to the beginning of the autofunnel tutorial.

The walk through that Get Response has built right into their software will teach you exactly how to go through the whole process step by step. Due to the fact that Get Response is teaching you how to use their tool right in the process I will not waste time to teach you a tutorial on their tutorial. Their tutorial is straight forward and will walk you through the entire process. When you get done with the funnel setup you should have a ready to use funnel and landing page.

Learning how to use an autoresponder will take you a little bit of time but once you master how to use it, it will be an invaluable tool. Without an autoresponder internet marketing would be next to impossible to do at high levels of traffic. I highly suggest you take the time to get to know this tool very well. If you have any questions about your autoresponder you can always check out their tutorials page here. Get Response Tutorials

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